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29 Year Old Cardinals Pitcher, Dies in Auto Crash, Played for the Phillies

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Drinking played a major role in the auto accident case took the life of 29 year old St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Josh Hancock. He was driving a 2007 Ford Explorer when he struck the rear of a flat-bed tow truck that was helping someone from a prior auto accident. The early reports are the tow truck had flashing lights and no drinking was involved. It now has been discovered that Josh’s blood alcohol reading was twice the legal limit. The tow truck was in the left lane of travel. Too many folks are killed by drunk driving each year. Friends have to make certain friends don’t let friends drive after they have been drinking. Go to the MADD website for more on what you can do.

Keep in mind that whoever stops in a lane of travel must give drivers coming on the scene, who do not expect someone to be in their lane, sufficient warnings. Those can be flares, or reflective triangles. Everyone must carry these safety devices in case of a breakdown. Here, however, all the flares in the world would probably have not prevented this tragedy. Hancock pitched for the Phillies in 2003 and 2004 appearing in 6 games and compiling a 0-1 record.