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17 Year Old Latest To Die in Tragic New Jersey Auto Crash

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Another Springtime – another tragic teen driver death in New Jersey. There are over 8,000 teen deaths each year from auto crashes. They begin to pick up as the weather gets nicer and the teens take their friends for rides. Interestingly, alcohol and drugs are not major factors in these deaths. Rather, the inexperience and distractions that come from teen driving are the primary culprits. New Jersey is studying ways to cut down the number of teen driving deaths. One solution is to greatly increase the amount of behind the wheel training. The present six hour rule is not sufficient. European countries like Germany and Great Britain have serious programs of driver’s education. It’s simple. All we have to do is copy what they do. The latest death was a 17 year old Burlington County teen, killed in Mansfield Township, Ocean County. There was no evidence of drinking or drug use and it happend at 7 PM. Parents, educators and legislators need to continue working to solutions to these needless tragedies. Hopefully the day will come when teen-age driving deaths are a thing of the past.